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Feb 10, 2013 10:00am EST
year, actually achieves more healthcare savings, or medicare savings, then the ryan republican budget, but the president does it in a different way, as did the house democratic alternative budget. our approach to health issues has been to improve the coordination of care, to try to from fee-for-service, where no one has an incentive to contain costs, to one where we focus on reimbursing providers based on the value of care, not the volume. we would ask pharmaceutical companies to pay higher rebates, the kind they were paying in early-2000's. yes, we need to achieve savings in medicare, but, it is a different philosophy. we do not want to simply transfer the rising healthcare costs onto onto the back of seniors, which is what the ryan voucher plan would do. they would not reduce overall healthcare spending spending, which is 18% of gdp. they would transfer those rising healthcare costs on to seniors, and i should emphasize the latest rational budget office reports show the per capita increase in medicare is quite low historically speaking and the growth has been slower in the medicare
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Feb 10, 2013 12:00am PST
and doctor keep your doctor. 7 million americans are losing their healthcare under obama care. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >> thank you, thank you very much. why have a great crowd here . i am amazed so many of them were able to get to tothrough the ice and snow and blizzard of 200013 to be here. i think they are just glad to be in doors. some of them didn't know thape were coming and they showed up it was a warm place and here they are. welcome to huckabee. this past thursday night i had the pleasure of speaking on the campus was syracuse university to members of the faculty and student body on the future of conservatism. it was sponsorped with the republicans on campus who are in the minority in syracuse. futuruv conservatism is better in the hands of the students that i met than the adults who think they are in charge. i had dinner with 10 of the students before the spheech and i absolutely loved hearing those students explain what made them believe in a free market economy and sanctity of human life and limited government and strong national they did
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Feb 11, 2013 2:00am PST
? >> since working 30 hours a week is considered full-time under the new healthcare law more employees are getting 29 hours this way the employers save money by not having to legally provide them with health insurance. the state of trvirginia is abou to limit them to 24-hours. public institutions like youngstown are doing the same. more consequences of the healthcare law of obama care. >> a more positive note you may be able to have itunes on a watch now? >> yes. channeling inspector gadget and dick tracy. smart watches i watches whatever you want to call them. new yo times and wall street are saying they are tinkering a wearable computer the company corning which makes the glass in the iphone has said it created bendable glass. we know it can be done but will it be done by apple and if so, when. there are several reports apple has discussed the idea of a smart watch with some of the manufacturing partners. now we have smart glasses, smart watches, smart cars we are just waiting for them to come out. >> that will be interesting. sounds like it would be clunky. >> i am always searching
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Feb 11, 2013 1:00pm PST
is not alone. there are knock of prominent democrats, we don't have a spending problem, we have a healthcare problem, and get everything under control. so you can be in denial a long time before you're starting to say it's more than a river in egypt. >> it's true but at it ultimately an arrogance saying we're the united states of america. we're never going to default, and it becomes ingrained the fabric of our country, so the people start accepting we're just going to keep spending-keep the government services going, the support programs going, and somebody else down the line can figure out how to pay for it. that's not how the imf or world bank ceases us, now how our foreign creditors see us and we have to have the collective consciousness and not ignorance that we have to do something about this problem, and keep pretending it doesn't exist does not serve anybody. >> now to a democrat who has had enough and urges the president to use caution and not lightly dismiss what is happening. senator, do you think we have a spending problem? >> i think we have not only a spending problem, we have a
FOX News
Feb 11, 2013 2:00pm PST
years in the navy, not 20 years to earn a pension and he is thrown out of the healthcare system because his 180 days ran out. some people can cash in on the kill. "zero dark thirty" for example. >> 100%. >> we will never find him. ♪ ♪ >> he is one of them. >> eric: that film is grossing $100 million. is it fair that the guy with deployments and 30 plus kills including bin laden is struggling to put football and healthcare for his wife and -- food and healthcare on the table for his wife and kids? should this be how we treat heroes? you're shaking your head. crazy. >> andrea: c'mon. if zero dark 30 wins, this is the best solution. bigelow should have him accept the award in disguise and let him be the guy with the accolades. give him a cut of the money. the problem with this, he has had one of the greatest achievements of all time, but he can't tell anyone about it. so others can. i could go to the restaurant and say i'm the guy that killed bin laden and get free dessert. that is what is going to happen in 30 years. >> eric: this is 27 pages and it's fascinating read. here it is. $25
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Feb 13, 2013 3:00pm PST
deficit by a dime. >> healthcare reform will not add a time to deficit. >> top white house aides say the president can cover the new ideas. and pay down the debt. by redirecting existing funds and wiping out tax loopholes and deductions. >> he will pay for this and have deficit reduction beyond paying for proposals. >> the top democrats tell fox in meetings before the "state of the union," white house officials privately said they are planning a multi-weak campaign outside the beltway. they are serve the economy is stalling again. today, new report found retail sales edged up disappointing .1% in january from december. commerce department resealed in december, they restock the inventory at the slowest pace since june. a sign sales are getting weak. this is why the president is focused on stimulus. >> why we are seeing signs of solid progress, the car sales are up. housing is starting to recover. we're a ways away from we need to be. >> last night's president offered up more of the same. higher taxes and more stimulus spending. >> we still do not know the price tag on the president's
Feb 9, 2013 8:00pm EST
. there was a kind and finance reform, universal healthcare -- there was a campaign-finance reform, universal healthcare, he wanted no tax cuts until the debt was paid down. mr. mayor, it is not just new york that owes him a lot. he had a lot of other interesting things. he still wanted to give young people a second chance. he used to say he was a liberal, but he was sayinne. i do not think i ever debated, discussed anybody in this line of work who had a better feel for the impact of what people in government did on the real-life people. he could imagine what life was like. one of his great second chance ideas was that there ought to be a universal scouting program for america for really young people. i have been out of montana and meeting with people. if every kid in america was in this, we would not have half the problems we got. ed said, no it wouldn't. we would have our less than this. we should let all of these kids have nothing else to do and disaffiliated and reconnected to the mainstream of life by giving them something positive to be a part of. mayor koch wrote 10 nonfiction books, f
Feb 12, 2013 12:00pm PST
the obama health-care reform address that? >> i think it made actually the economics a little bit worse, but it moved us more in a social direction. >> rose: made access better and economics worse. >> that's correct. and we haven't really dealt with the economics. >> rose: it really only dealt with access. >> that's right. and lastly on the medicaid front because it is really driven to indigent families, very complicated medical issues, i would leave that one to experts. it's not the biggest portion of the cost. it's medicare and how it relates. and then secondly social security. also in medicare, i would be, for one for raising medicare tax, i have no problem with that. this is, we're talking about, again, something that is part of the fabric of who we are as americans. and you can't just take what's good and not feel accountable and responsible for paying for it. and i think that goes with it. >> rose: it was said at the time of passage and argued by the obama administration that the health-care reform put forward by him was deficit neutral. >> i think we're going to find out. i think
Feb 12, 2013 4:00am PST
, and a confirmation that we're going to keep the healthcare plan." yes, some people think that even though obamacare was signed into law and upheld by the supreme court, details left unresolved make it vulnerable. "i'd like him to quit playing politics and fix something. don't extend it forever, like they have been." but for many, the anemic economic recovery trumps everything. "i think he will try to shame the republicans into more government spending. our infrastructure is decomposing. we need to build up these sectors." during the presidential address, the white house will provide an enhanced version of the speech with charts and other information as the president speaks. it's available at\sotu, for "state of the union." a panel discussion at the same website will follow the speech. passengers who were stuck on the ocean in a carnival cruise ship are heading home. carnival's triumph was adrift in the gulf of mexico sunday and monday following an engine fire. fortunately, no one was hurt. back on shore, traders are closely watching the stock. "a couple of retail players in the optio
Feb 11, 2013 7:00pm PST
program and the affordable care act, how is that going to intersect with the san francisco healthcare security ordinance? and you know, how are businesses going to comply and how does that effect businesses complying with the healthcare security ordinance? so, more to come on that. and then i just wanted to let you know that the wage tax force we, the february meeting we will be taking a look at businesses and what businesses do encure in terms of what, around hiring an employee, everything from having to provide workers comp to filling out i9 forms. what are all of the state, federal, and local requirements, of the business, needs to go through to hire an individual and so we are going to be providing that presentation to the wage theft task force. and then, just a quick announcement. we just got an invite today from the contract monitoring division. and maria cordero is the director from the contract monitoring division and they are having an open house on february 19th, next week. and if you are interested in attending. >> so that concludes my report for tonight. >> and i will send
Feb 10, 2013 6:30am EST
on education. that's his theme. would you not agree? >> education is terrific. healthcare, education. he checked off a lot of democratic priorities. >> if you close your eyes -- >> let pat in. >> he has an excellent point. republican party is getting to be a green eye shade party. budget deficits, debt, the tax collector for the welfare state. it should have a whole panoply of issues. that part i agree with eric cantor on. >> i was in the front row listening to that speech. if i closed my eyes and didn't know who was standing behind that podium i would have thought it was barack obama. he came out for all sorts of progressive things. but he doesn't attach any legislation to the. he is just trying to change the surges and he has the slogan, making life work for more people. but, you know, he's a politician. he's supposed to be making government work. he acts like a life coach. >> eleanor, if it had been barack obama, you would have supported everything he said. >> i supported a lot of what he said, but it is not going to go anywhere in his party, i don't think. >> we'll be right back with
Feb 9, 2013 11:30am PST
for a healthcare company. she entered local politics serving on the city council in east moline, illinois. that led her to run for congress. >> it's maybe a lofty goal but, and i hope it's not idealistic and i hope we can make this happen but it's really just making sure we represent the district in a very honorable and honest fashion, make sure that we look at government as a way to hel i don't see govnment, i don'see congress as the enemy. i see government as a tool to be able to help people and that's a driver for me. >> sheilas balanced her job and family for many years. but it wasn't until her sons were grown that she chose to make the leap to federal office. >> my kids now are grown, my youngest son is 22 years old, i have three sons, i now have two grandkids. and when my kids were young i don't think i would have been in a position where i would have been able to run for congress. >> bustos says she could only be successful in her career because she and her husband have been a team >> i am lucky theave spouse that does all of our cooking. it's not my talent it hatches to be his. we very much
Feb 11, 2013 5:00pm PST
the headlines but to give poor members healthcare was ignored by western media. >> that is true. that shows that we're more interested in the glitzy glamour or what is seen as glamour in the media. but i think that the fact about healthcare being a right for all is a key piece of justice that he speaks about. >> john: however, of course, we know very well that pope benedict also continued the vatican discrimination of gay christians female priests how difficult was it for you--how difficult was it to with stand a reprimand in some of the best work that our nuns have done? >> it was very painful to be told that because we work for those on the economic margin, that's exactly what our mission is that we were seen as suspect. but the thing john, from my perspective as a person of faith, the holy spirit is alive and well. that reprimand exploded our mission into the media allowed people to know about our work in a whole new way. what i say is the holy spirit is quite alive and well and making mischief even in the midst of painful rebukes and things i certainly would never support. the fact is t
FOX News
Feb 11, 2013 3:00pm PST
tried to pivot back from healthcare. >> the president spent most of the first term avoiding the issues americans cared about most. >> what i am suggesting is he not do the same thing this time around. >> white house officials note the overall thrust of the inaugust ral address was about helping the middle class -- inaugural address was helping the middle class. and jobs is priority number one. >> there is no pivot here. the president's principal reoccupation since he ran for the office in 2007 has been, you know, what we need to do to make our economy work for the middle class. >> and yet the public appears to believe the efforts have fallen short. with a quinnipiac poll finding last week 53% of the public believes the nation is till in recession. another challenge for the president aides are signaling he will be more combative toward republicans tuesday night and will say little about cutting the size of government. though the latest fox news poll found when asked what issues they are extremely concerned about, number one was government spending. ahead of healthcare and the economy. d
Feb 9, 2013 3:05pm EST
health-care costs, an and the expansion of eligibility for health insurance will push up spending on social security and major health-care programs. in addition, the return of interest rates to more normal levels will push up interest payments to the largest share of gdp in five decades. during the past 40 years, federal spending has averaged 21% of gdp. our projection for 2023, it is about 23% of gdp. what would that look like under those circumstances? we expect that again under current law federal debt held by the public will reach -- by the end of this fiscal year, the largest percentage since 1950. it will then remain above 73% throughout the decade, far higher than the average we have seen in the past. remember, as recently as 2007, it was only 36% of gdp. but 2023, with a budget -- would be 77% of gdp rising. rough stability as a share of gdp over the next 10 years, it has had a sharp upward surge over the past years. this will remain a significant concern for several reasons. first, the crushing out of investment will be great. lawmakers will have less flexibility than the
FOX News
Feb 8, 2013 6:00pm PST
. it was a left winger. >> last march, vandals damaged her tucson district office after the healthcare reform vote. giffords talked about that on msnbc. >> are you afraid, fearful today? >> you know, i'm not. we've had hundreds and hundreds of protesters over the course of the last several months. >> but giffords, a conservative democrat, was concerned about heated campaign rhetoric from the tea party. >> she's a democrat, 4 from a largely republican district. she was familiar with the parts dividpartisandivide there. his father was asked, did your daughter have any enemies? his response was, yes, the whole tea party. >> sean: kirsten, if i just listened to barack obama, the republicans, they don't care about dirty air and water, don't care about kids with down's syndrome, or the elderly. using their logic, i would be able to connect perhaps his -- his words to this guy's actions. using their logic. >> yeah. >> sean: i don't do that. >> well, i mean, the other thing is -- i don't know if you remember they also blamed sarah palin for gabrielle giffords' death because she said keeping democrats in t
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 281 (some duplicates have been removed)